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Board dialogue in danger?

Corporate governance debates created more caution among many family business owners to start with or expand outsiders and non-executives on the board. A common reaction I get is that regulations have turned non-executives into ‘box tickers’. “They don’t understand anymore … Continue reading

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Newsweek Gets the News (At last)

Newsweek (12/20/10) cites a recent Harvard study of 4000 firms that finds “companies in which families hold control ‘outperformed their counterparts by 6 percent in market returns and 10 percent in profits.”  Says Newsweek:  “The study refutes the long-held notion … Continue reading

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Aren’t the Holidays Enough? Sports Rivalries and the Family Business

If the holidays weren’t enough to stir up trouble for family businesses here in the US, for the past couple weeks we have been in the midst of college football rivalries to add some fun conflict to the family business. … Continue reading

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How to Have The Happiest Holidays In Your Family Business!

Having Happy Holidays! This year I’ve been asked for tips on getting through holiday gatherings with family members when some of them are actively working in the business, some are owners who might not be particularly happy with profits this … Continue reading

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Family Business Owners – Beware the Tyranny of Public Markets

Many successful family businesses have made the decision to become publicly traded while still maintaining a controlling interest within the founding family.  Since family controlled companies represent approximately one-third of both the Fortune 500 and the S&P 500, it is … Continue reading

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