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Trouble in the Corner Office?

A recent Wall Street Journal article (At Family Firms, Do CEO’s Work Fewer Hours? by Rachel Feintzeig, Wall Street Journal Online, March 5th, 2014) referenced new research by professors at Harvard, London School of Economics and Columbia that measured family … Continue reading

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Siblings to Cousins: Ownership Goals for Growth, Risk, Profitability and Liquidity

In the transition from siblings to cousins, families are often called to define the ownership role for the very first time. In earlier stages, a relatively small family allows for more direct involvement of family owners in business operations and … Continue reading

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Home- to-Office Transition Challenges in a Family Business

“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs, “  is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program. Often when giving a presentation about the challenges of running a family … Continue reading

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More Data Says Private Companies Are Better

A recent article in Forbes magazine made the following points:  stocks listed on U.S. stock exchanges have declined from 7400 to 3600 in the past 15 years;  public companies earn less than half of business profits in the U.S. economy … Continue reading

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Successor Legitimacy

by John L. Ward  A Financial Times article[*] about the sustainability of China’s leadership offers some ideas for family business successors.  The article outlines several forms of legitimacy that are more or less sustainable.  First is procedural legitimacy.  The people … Continue reading

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Five Reasons People Don’t Perform

Perhaps the most difficult job I had as a manager was to complete timely and constructive employee evaluations. As I struggled with the process, it struck me that there were five primary reasons people did not perform satisfactorily in any … Continue reading

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